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Brand 44 Slackers Ninjaline

Brand 44 Slackers Ninjaline

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All About Brand 44 Slackers Ninjaline

High energy kids need high energy activities and outdoor activities to challenge them. You can use this Brand 44 Slackers Ninjaline to do just that. Stretch the line taught between two sturdy trees, secure it and challenge your kids to walk across the line without falling. They will keep trying to do it because it is challenging, and it is lots of fun too.

Make the Ninjaline more challenging by hanging it up higher and adding any number of grip accessories. Now your child has to learn how to use his or her own body strength to stay up and not fall down. Buy two lines and stretch them in between three trees so that your kids have to practice walking one line and crossing the next hanging! Lines support up to 100 pounds, and different kits may support more or less weight. For ages 6 and up.

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