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Brand 44 Slackers Sky Board

Brand 44 Slackers Sky Board

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 Slackers Sky Board Description

Kids love to have a great time… it doesn’t matter if they are jumping, spinning, bouncing; it is always a great time they are having when they can have fun! The Slackers Sky Board will allow that to happen for them immediately! You will love to see your child playing around, doing tricks and using their imagination when they have this sky board. It has a construction that is heavy duty and reminds you of the material used in skate boards. It is also equipped with trick grips that your child can hold on to while they are learning to use it. You will enjoy seeing the balance that will come along with them learning to use it and all the tricks they will learn from it!

Caution: Must be kept away from sunlight when not in use.

  • Heavy duty skate board construction
  • Patented twin handle trick grips make it easy for riders to get started
  • Ages 8+, Max 150 lbs

Slackers Sky Board, endless hours of bouncing, jumping, spinning and tricks with the Slackers Sky Board! Bounced by Slackers!