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Bruder CAT Excauator

Bruder CAT Excauator

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Bruder CAT Excauator

Get ready to dig, load, and haul! Our new CAT Excavators are designed to tackle large-scale construction projects with ease. Featuring optimised load-bearing capacity and a wide range of shovels and buckets, they are built to meet the most demanding tasks. Our excavators come with a modern and fully glazed driver's cab, complete with an advanced workplace. Control the excavator arm with the hand lever for precision excavating, even at tricky angles, and traverse any terrain with the genuine chain links. Plus, open the two engine hatches for easy maintenance. To complete the experience, pair the CAT Excavator with other BRUDER toys like the VOLVO tipper and large Cat track-type tractor for hours of imaginative play. With the CAT Excavator, work is a whole lot of fun!