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Bruder Linde H30D Forklift w/ 2 Pallets

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Bruder Linde H30D Forklift w/ 2 Pallets

The Bruder Linde H30D Forklift with Two Pallets is made by the award-winning German company Bruder. Bruder specializes in making realistic toys for small hands and curious minds. The intricate and sturdy toys designed and built by Bruder help kids develop and learn while they enjoy toys they love.

The Linde H30D Forklift boasts an automotive body with easily adjustable and detachable fork prongs, a reinforced double lift mast and a sturdy draw bar coupling utility. The chassis features tread tires and the motion of the forklift tilts and lifts with one hand.

The Linde H30D forklift is an industrial stacker imitating the original Porsche design. Which presents a very life-like toy model. The stacker has a two-stage lift mast with an easy to use lift and tilt function that is meant to be operated with one hand. The hydraulic pitch cylinders are placed on the roof and can change the motion or the tilt of the lifting mast.

The toy forklift has a malleable steering that allows kids to operate and load in small areas just like the real thing. The fork prongs are removable and adjustable. Two, durable plastic pallets are included with the forklift.

The Linde H30D Forklift is appropriate for indoor and outdoor play but the toy is not suitable for children under the age of three, due to the smaller parts that may cause a choking hazard. The forklift is constructed with long-lasting plastics, like ABS. The award-winning toy is on the scale of 1:16.Authorized Bruder Toys Dealer

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