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Bruder MACK Granite Cement Mixer

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The Bruder MACK Granite Cement Mixer is a fantastic toy and a great way to help little ones learn and grow by utilizing the exciting features of the Cement Mixer which is a realistic toy made by Bruder. The Mack Cement Mixer is made from durable, long-lasting plastic like ABS.

The cement mixer features many interactive opportunities. Both doors of the cab open and close. The interior is a light beige and the steering wheel turns, while the mirror, visor, and hood are all adjustable to give play time a very realistic feel.

The Bruder MACK Granite Cement Mixer has a mixing barrel and attachable slide. The mixing barrel can be turned to crank out whatever is poured into the cement mixer. The six wheels are made from heavy duty plastic and move effortlessly with the truck. Authorized Bruder Toys Dealer

The barrel of the cement mixer moves with the crank and is capable of deploying solid materials via the attachable slide. The Bruder toy model of the MACK Granite Cement Mixer is on a scale of 1:16.

The specific details, durable materials, and life-like imitation give little mind's the opportunity to develop their skills through experiential play with a toy that resembles the real thing.

The Bruder MACK Granite Cement Mixer is made prioritizing a child's development and growth in mind. The talented toy makers at Bruder ensure that kids get to learn through fun.

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