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Bruder MAN Fire Engine w/ Waterpump

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 Bruder MAN Fire Engine w/ Waterpump

The award-winning, German toy manufacturer has outdone itself again with the very life-like Bruder MAN Fire Engine with a Water Pump. The Fire Engine is made of durable and long-lasting plastics like ABS.

The MAN Fire Engine includes a selwing ladder, light and sound module and a water pump. The battery is included with the Bruder Fire Engine.

The driving cab is fully functional. The driver's cabin can be adjusted and tilted. The outside mirror folds to view the entirety of the engine block. The chassis has six tires made from high-quality, durable plastic and are tread tires.Authorized Bruder Toys Dealer


The Bruder Fire Engine can help little hands put out imaginary fires because the motion and function of the Fire Engine are capable of being filled with water and released through the fire hose.

To save battery power the toy has an automatic switch-off after twenty seconds. The fire engine can also be shut off by pushing the button several times.

The four varying utilities allow children to play and learn by using the police siren, police yelp, fire department siren, and engine noise by pushing the button.

The Bruder MAN Fire Engine is suitable for children three and up. There may be a choking hazard due to the small pieces of the toy. The Fire Engine is suitable for indoor or outdoor play and is built to be durable.

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