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Candle First Bible

Candle First Bible

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Candle First Bible

Introducing the Candle First Bible, a brilliantly curated companion for your child's spiritual journey. Specially designed for children aged 2 and older, this vibrant Bible brings 18 of the most cherished stories from both the Old and New Testaments to life in a way that’s accessible and enjoyable for young readers.

Captivating Features:

  • Engaging Illustrations: Each page bursts with bold, colorful artwork that captures the imagination, making the divine narratives leap off the paper and enchant the young mind.
  • Age-appropriate Text: With carefully crafted text tailored for early learners, the Candle First Bible ensures that the timeless tales of figures like Adam and Eve, Noah, and the Apostles Paul resonate with its audience.
  • Key Bible Stories: This selection includes fundamental stories woven through the fabric of the Bible, establishing a solid foundation for a lifetime of faith and understanding.
  • Durable Design: Constructed to withstand the enthusiastic handling often bestowed by its young readers, this Bible is built to last through story after story.

Benefits for Your Child:

  • Spiritual Growth: Start your child's faith-filled adventure early, sowing seeds of biblical wisdom that will grow and flourish over time.
  • Reading Development: The simple yet captivating narrative helps foster a love for reading while expanding vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Moral Foundations: Each story is a treasure trove of moral lessons, providing valuable teaching moments for parents and guardians.
  • Quality Time: The Candle First Bible is an ideal opportunity for family bonding over shared faith, creating memories that will long be cherished.

Ideal for bedtime stories, Sunday school, or as a cherished gift, the Candle First Bible lays down the first stones on your child's path toward a lasting relationship with the sacred text. Embark on this beautiful beginning together and watch as they discover the wonders of the Bible, story by story.


Bring the beloved scriptures into your home with the Candle First Bible and ignite the flame of faith in your child's heart today!