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Classic Burpy Bibs 2PK Heart Breaker

Classic Burpy Bibs 2PK Heart Breaker

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Classic  Burpy Bibs 2PK Heart Breaker

Welcoming a little bundle of joy also means preparing for the inevitable messes. Introducing our Classic Burpy Bibs 2PK Heart Breaker, the ultimate solution for parents who value convenience, style, and functionality. These aren't just any ordinary baby bibs; they are a fusion of thoughtful design and practicality to make mealtime and burping sessions stress-free and stylish.

Luxurious & Absorbent

Crafted with four layers of deluxe muslin, our Boutique burpy bibs offer unmatched absorbency, catching spills and dribbles before they ever touch your or your baby's clothes. The additional 25% of fabric and superior thread count ensure an extra soft and plush feel against your little one's delicate skin, while also standing up to endless washes and daily wear.

Adaptable Design with Patented Versatility

What sets these bibs apart is their patented design that allows them to be used as a full-coverage bib or transformed into a no-slip burp cloth - versatility at its best. The snap function is a game-changer, letting you quickly secure the bib around your baby, providing complete protection against messes during feedings.

Full Coverage & Comfort

As a bib, the Classic Burpy Bib offers generous coverage, ensuring your little heart breaker remains spick and span, no matter how adventurous their eating may get. When it's burp time, drape it over your shoulder, and the ergonomic shape ensures it stays in place, so you can focus on comforting your baby rather than adjusting the cloth.