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Cloud B Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor

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Soothing to Sleep with Cloud B Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor

Many have been asking for this, and we have finally come up with the solution they’ve been looking for. Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor will be there to help your child get back to sleep if they should ever stir in the middle of the night. If you are a parent that has been dealing with sleep deprivation, the Sleep Sheep is a great option for you. It has a sensor in it that will play white noise, the mother’s heartbeat, and sounds form nature… whatever you’d like! It will be there to soothe your child to sleep and have them in a restful sleep they’ll find relaxing. The Sleep Sheep is soft, cuddly and will quickly become your child’s favorite stuffed animal during the daytime and it will be the perfect solution for a great nights sleep as well.

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The Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor has amazing features that every parent will love:

  • 4 soothing sounds to play: spring showers, mother’s heartbeat, whale songs & ocean waves
  • When baby stirs or vocalizes, soothing sounds will restart automatically
  • 3 different sound sensitivity levels
  • When it is restarted it will play at the same sound level and it will restart from the last melody that was played



  • The volume is adjustable
  • It comes equipped with 2 sleep timer options: 23 & 45 minutes
  • The sound machine is removable
  • It can easily be attached to your child’s crib with the Velcro tab it has
  • Sleep Sheep can be machine washed if needed

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