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CloudB Storytime Huxely Bedtime Story Bear

CloudB Storytime Huxely Bedtime Story Bear

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Storytime Huxely Bedtime Story Bear

CloudB Storytime Huxley Bedtime Story Bear is the teddy bear that takes bedtime up a notch. Teddy bears have been comforting children at bedtime for more than eighty years, but it wasn't until recently that teddy bears did more than just cuddle and comfort. This Huxley Bear is fully interactive!

Huxley tells stories, and responds to your child's questions or vocalizations with his own comforting words. In story mode, he recites a couple of different stories to your child. Your child can drift off to sleep, listening to Huxley's comforting voice and reassured that someone is there with him or her.

Huxley relates five classic bedtime stories, all told with Huxley's perfect emphasis and dramatic pauses. Children will love hearing and rehearing these tales. If your child has a particular favorite, your child can fast-forward through the other stories to get to their favorite. They can also pause their story to get a glass of water, go to the bathroom, or brush their teeth for bed. There is also a control button for volume, which allows you and your child to change the volume depending on when and where Huxley is relating the story. As your child falls asleep, you can sneak in and turn Huxley's volume down, or turn Huxley off.

In interactive mode, Huxley has several phrases and responses that provide a nice back-and-forth interaction experience for your child. If your child likes having tea parties, he or she may be pleased to hear Huxley respond to yes or no questions, just like a real tea party guest. If your child is sad, and wants to talk to Huxley, he or she will find that Huxley is a good listener and will respond when appropriate.

Huxley is an excellent interactive toy for any child with special needs too. Autistic kids will love talking to Huxley since they do not have to make eye contact. Other children will love cuddling Huxley's soft cuddly body and hearing his voice when he is "bear"-hugged.

Huxley is dark brown with light brown paws and nose. His blue and white-striped bowtie makes him adorable and ready to go anywhere. He is not machine-washable, but you can hand-wash little areas that get dirty. Do not submerge Huxley or he will forget to talk!

Batteries required, but not included.

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