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CloudB Twilight Buddies Unicorn

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Twilight Buddies are the ultimate way to get rid of your children’s fear of the dark. They project a night sky full of stars onto the ceiling and the walls. The projection is made of actual stellar constellations. Your child can play with the toy during the day and having as a secure companion during the night. It is a toy for all time. Here are some of the toy’s

Features of  Twilight Buddies®:

• Has LED lights to ensure the toy’s shell is kept cool. • You have nine characters to choose from i.e. sheep, giraffe, unicorn, palomino, pegasus, bunny, fox, alligator, hippo so that your child can choose their favorite animal.

• Projection and glowing can occur in three colors blue, amber and green. There is a setting so that the toy can automatically change into all three colors.

• The toy has a timer that can last up to 45 minutes so that it can go off and your child can sleep deeply in complete darkness after that.

The box comes with a Constellation Star user’s guide so that the user can have an easy a time setting up the CloudB Twilight Buddy. There are also three double A batteries in the box for your first power up of the toy.

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The calming effect that the toy produces in a child is unheard of as children who have been unable to sleep in the dark for years quickly do soon after adopting the toy. Mimicking sleeping outside under the stars has a natural feeling that coupled with the comfort of their room works excellently. The CloudB Twilight Buddy also has some educational value since your child can get to learn about stellar constellations as early as they can. The interest may stretch further into their future possibly even becoming a career.

The three colors have been researched and are the most efficient of getting your child into a good mood right before bed. Green is for harmony and renewal; blue represents peace and amber projects warmth, qualities meant for a peaceful night. The Twilight Buddy is very easy to use and should not give any parent or caregiver any problem.

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