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CloudB Twilight Tranquil Turtle Aqua

CloudB Twilight Tranquil Turtle Aqua

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Soothe Your Child to Sleep With This Aqua Cloud B Twilight Tranquil Turtle

Create a peaceful environment and help your little one drift off to sleep with this aqua Cloud B Tranquil Turtle. The light projector, located under the shell, emits a wavelike pattern in a calming aquamarine color. Adjust the brightness and movement until it's just right, and set the sound machine to play soothing ocean waves or a gentle, tranquil melody. With six adjustable volume levels, this baby sleep soother lets you find the ideal sound level for your child's room.

Activate the turtle by pressing the button on the shell. Once started, the light pattern and music plays for 23 minutes, which is how long it takes most children to fall asleep. The auto shut-off feature conserves battery power and ensure your kid's room is dark and quiet for deep, rejuvenating sleep. This durable sound machine nightlight features a plastic shell and a plush, soft head and arms, so your child's able to comfortably hold and play with the turtle.