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Doona Greyhound Infant Car Seat/Stroller with Base

Doona Greyhound Infant Car Seat/Stroller with Base

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MPN: S101-10-030

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Doona is European certified car seat and stroller, comes with fail safe mechanism, side impact protection, baby safe products, anti rebound protection and the handle also enhances overall protection.

Why Doona?

The most natural position for your baby is to be lying on a flat surface or nursed in your arms, these positions give the baby free range to move and improve their overall development.

A lot of modern equipment does the opposite of this, being restrictive and secure, making sure the child is restrained to protect the baby when vehicles are in transit. Doona still has this primary goal of safety in mind, keeping things safe yet even more practical than other brands.

Experts have spent the last several years developing and perfecting Doona, with key development being focused on keeping your baby safe but comfortable inside and out of your car, Doona design was inspired by the natural position of how a mother would hold the baby in her arms, allowing Doona to do the same job with added bonus of the unique newborn insertion.

Remember that babies should never be restrained for long periods of time, always keep the baby in the chair for as long as possible but no more than required. Doona take pride in delivering the best products to parents across the world, join in the fun and say hello to your Doona soon!