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Cuddle Barn Alphabet Charlie

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Cuddle Barn Alphabet Charlie

Incorporating unique and fun toys during your child’s learning stages is a great way for them to grasp exactly what it is that they are learning. Thanks to the Alphabet Charlie by Cuddle Barn your child can sing-a-long and learn their A-B-C’s with this adorable and colorful plush animated stuffed monkey named Charlie. This intriguing toy is cuddly, plush, and designed in an array of colors to stimulate your little one’s eyes.

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Alphabet Charlie clearly sings the entire alphabet while slightly rocking from side to side as soft music plays in the background. The interactive features are sure to grab your little one’s attention and may soon even have them singing along. The alphabet letters are embroidered and sewn on the bottom of his feet, his earlobes, and his tummy. This toy is so neat and compact in design that your child can take it along with them almost anywhere! The sound is quite entertaining and will put a smile on any child’s face.

Cuddle Barn only uses the highest quality materials when making their products. Thus, you can be sure that Alphabet Charlie is completely safe for your child. This take-along toy is recommended for children ages 3 and up. However, younger children have enjoyed playing with Charlie as well. This adorable and interactive stuffed monkey stands up 12 inches tall. For complete fun and full functionality 3 AA batteries are required and included in the purchase of this toy.





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