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Cuddle Barn Ellie

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Cuddle Barn Ellie

Ellie is a favorite among all children and even parents. This adorable furry, plush, light silver gray stuffed elephant is decorated with the perfect hints and colors of light blue. In fact, the Ellie Cuddle Barn even includes white polka dots and a satin ribbon and on the inner part of its floppy ears. It is simply adorable and attractive not just to babies but also kids and parents! It’s bound to keep your little one feeling safe, comfy, and warm.

MPN: CB54773

Ellie the elephant sings and dances to “Do Your Ears Hang Low” as it moves from side to side while his ears flap up and down. The song lasts approximately 35 seconds. Simply push the little musical button on his left foot and watch him sing and dance. Ellie is entertaining and children love to cuddle and play with him everywhere they go. Kids will simply love carrying around their new toy not only for companionship and entertainment, but also to show it off to their friends and even make new friends!

Ellie sits 12 inches tall and weighs approximately 2 pounds. This toy is recommended for children from the ages of three years and beyond. In order to take advantage of all the specs and features that this adorable and neat toy has to offer, three AA batteries are required. However, with this purchase, they are included, making the toy immediately ready to use right out of the box.

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