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Cuddle Barn Gallop

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Cuddle Barn Gallop

Are you looking for a toy to introduce to your little one? One that will entertain them while at the same time, possibly become their companion? The Cuddle Barn Gallop stuffed horse is not just like any other ordinary toy. It is soft, brown, furry, and best of all, a fun and loving musical pony with a red bandana wrapped around its neck. This product is great for introducing your child to horses, however it won’t just attract the little kids, as horse lovers of all ages enjoy this adorable toy.

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Put the horse to action by pressing the musical button at the horses's right ear and watch and listen to Gallop wiggle its tail and shake while the ears move to the “Giddy Up, Lil’ Cowboy” song. When you press the left ear, the horse will gallop around while making trotting and horse noises.

Each of these fun and enticing songs last about 48 seconds long and ends with the horse moving to a galloping and trotting sound and it even neighs when it’s finished. There is an on-off switch on the tummy to use when not in use. Gallop makes a great birthday or holiday gift.

Gallop by Cuddle Barn is recommended for children ages 3 years and older although younger children can even participate as they are known to really enjoy it as well. Gallop stands 10 inches high and 8 inches long and includes three AA batteries to operate the beautiful melodies.

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