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Doona Extra Latch Car Seat Base

Doona Extra Latch Car Seat Base

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Doona Extra Latch Car Seat Base

The Doona LATCH Car Seat Base is an indispensable asset for parents seeking a reliable and safe car seat for their little one. The base is designed to perfectly fit the Doona Infant Car Seat for rear-facing use only, avoiding any safety issues during installation or usage. This product has been intensely tested against US safety standards and regulations, meeting all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. With its secure click-in and easy click-out mechanism, you can easily move the car seat in and out of the vehicle without hassle. You can install it either with your vehicle's belt or through the LATCH system depending on your preference. With this inventive product, you'll have extra peace of mind knowing that your child is safe while they're strapped in their car seat. Get the Doona LATCH Car Seat Base today to ensure maximum protection when driving with your family.