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Easy Swaddle Wraps 3PK Dino 4-6Month

Easy Swaddle Wraps 3PK Dino 4-6Month

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Easy Swaddle Wraps 3PK Dino 4-6Month

rap your little one in the cozy embrace of the past with our Easy Swaddle Wraps 3PK Dino 4-6Month! Designed for comfort, our swaddle wraps provide a safer and sounder slumber, taking a leaf out of the calm, prehistoric era.

Why Choose Easy Swaddle Wraps?

  • Swaddling Made Simple: Forget complicated folding techniques! Easy Swaddle Wrap Quick Change's intuitive design ensures your baby stays snugly wrapped through the night with updated security features that cater to even the most escape-prone infants.


  • Adjust to Their Comfort: Each wrap comes with adjustable fasteners that allow for the perfect fit, creating a womb-like sensation that soothes and calms. Minimize disruptions with our design that combats the startle reflex while catering to your baby's preferred sleeping style—arms in for self-soothing or arms out for freedom.


  • Hassle-Free Diaper Changes: The clever zipper bottom means you can change diapers swiftly, without unwrapping and disturbing your baby's peaceful sleep.

Product Features:

  • Three Pack Versatility: Our wraps come in a convenient pack of three, ensuring you always have a clean wrap at hand while the others are in the wash.


  • Comfy for Babies 4-6 Months: Specially sized for infants 4-6 months, our swaddle wraps grow with your baby, ensuring lasting comfort.


  • Dinosaur Design: Each wrap is adorned with delightful dinosaur patterns that not only entertain but also introduce your little one to the wonders of a lost world