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Fat Brain Toy Co. Spin Again

Fat Brain Toy Co. Spin Again

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Fat Brain Toy Spin Again

The Fat Brain Toy Spin is stacked! Its threaded corkscrew is the perfect place to drop the brightly colored disks. When you do, you'll get the thrill of watching them spin at an alarming rate of speed. Once they've been spun you'll get to watch them settle. The toy's reversible base provides the perfect landing pad.

Your toddler will get a kick out of picking which base he or she wants to use. With a fun wobble base and a solid seat on the other side, your toddler can have the best of both worlds. Multiple colors make up each disc and when arranged from the largest down to the smallest, they will resemble a beautiful colorful rainbow that will light up the eyes of any little one. To form a rainbow, all toddlers have to do is spin the right disc in the right direction. With some discs being rounded and others being straight, toddlers can separate them, helping them to learn their shapes.

The range of disc colors include everything from sky blue, lemon and red to bolder shades of teal, magenta and lime. In addition to different colors each disc also features different styles such as star-bursts and daisies. Once the discs have been arranged in the right order, the Spin Again can be taken apart. All you have to do is lift the pole off the ground and the discs will automatically fall to the bottom of it so the fun can begin all over again. Your toddler's vision will be stimulated every time he or she plays with the Fat Brain Toy Spin Again.

This toy:

    • helps babies develop hand-eye coordination
    • comes complete with six discs, wobbling base and a corkscrew pole
    • is BPA free
    • is coated in durable ABS plastic
    • is the first one to twirl and stack