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Fat Brain Trestle Tracks

Fat Brain Trestle Tracks

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Fat Brain Trestle Tracks

A marble-track sensation that is utterly captivating!
Hollow stacking cubes and a variety of flat tracks make up each set. Each track's lanes, which have been widened very imperceptibly from end to end, form an undetectable incline that moves the marbles forward.
In slow motion, watching them move is magical!
For the perfect introduction with three guided builds, start with the 43-piece Starter package. The 73-piece Builder package with four guided projects lets you explore more. The 124-piece Deluxe kit with four even larger guided builds will give you the fullest experience.
Or, gather them all, combine them, and create a "Trestle Metropolis" on your Trestle Tracks!
Use your imagination to explore the marvels of straightforward engineering with Trestle Tracks.

Trestle Tracks

  • Unique marble run with marbles propelled by widening tracks
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, creativity, engineering skills, problem-solving
  • Tracks suspended by hollow stacking cubes
  • Builder and Deluxe sets - features base grid for added stability
  • Follow guided builds or invent your own structures!
  • Choose either the Starter Set, Builder Set, or Deluxe Set
  • Starter set includes 1 catcher, 1 topper, 30 risers, 5 stainless steel marbles, 6 unique tracks
  • Builder set includes 1 catcher, 1 topper, 55 risers, 5 stainless steel marbles, 10 unique tracks, base grid
  • Deluxe set includes 2 catchers, 2 toppers, 90 risers, 10 stainless steel marbles, 18 unique tracks, 2 base grids
  • All sets are fully compatible with each other - Collect them all!
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability