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Fisher-Price Activity Walker

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About Fisher Price Activity Walker

The Fisher Price Activity Walker is designed to appeal to your child and stimulate her curiosity throughout the early stages of development babies go through between the ages of 6 and 36 months. Introduce it, laying flat as a floor toy, and you'll be as delighted as she is to watch her discover that the parts move. The gears turn, the doors flip open, the roller ball spins, the beads slide, and she's the one making it happen! There's no need to worry about her outgrowing this activity toy. It will be there when she takes her first step. Open it up, set it on its wheels and it will provide support and stability as a walker, giving her the confidence to take many more.

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Product Features

  • Multi-tasking activities like turning gears, flipping doors, sliding beads, spinning panels and a central rolling ball to stimulate curiosity and contribute to fine motor control.
  • Sturdy frame and wheels to provide support, balance, confidence, and mobility
  • Folds flat for compact storage and convenient portability
  • Ships in DOT certified packaging that provides frustration-free easy opening.

What Does it Do for the Physically Developing Child?

When presented to infants as a stationary toy, the Fisher Price Activity Walker's hands-on activities stimulate curiosity and develop the capacity for self-initiated exploration and discovery. For some children, it provides their first experience in independent play. Manipulation of the moving parts provides an early exercise in developing the fine motor control that will be needed for writing, drawing, and manipulation activities needed throughout life.

When opened up and set on its wheels, the Fisher Price Activity Walker provides independent support and stability to bolster the child's confidence to venture a bit farther afield. Equally important, such activity contributes to the large muscle motor control that first develops during the toddler years.

What Does it Do for the Intellectually and Emotionally Developing Child?

In keeping with the Fisher-Price philosophy, the Activity Walker stimulates curiosity, encourages independent play, and contributes to a sense of self-confidence. All these serve as important contributions to the budding personality at this malleable stage of life.

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