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Fisher-Price Flutter 'N Glow Lantern

Fisher-Price Flutter 'N Glow Lantern

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Stimulate Senses with Fisher Price Flutter 'N Glow Lantern

Get the development you will see in your newborn in a brand new light! This awesomely amazing baby sized lantern will bring along fun while your child develops and grows! This colorful lantern comes equipped with two different stages for your little one to enjoy. In the first stage which is considered to be the long play mode, your child will be able to see the dancing firefly while there is a nice and calming lights that glow with soft music that will play for 8 minutes. With the music, the dancing firefly and the soft subtle glowing lights your child will have their curiosity peaked in only a way that we can do it! The short play mode, which is stage two, will be great for when your child wants to make the firefly go faster! All they have to do is tap on the roller to get have the fast pace of the firefly activated! When this is done the music will play, only the songs will be shorter and the lights will be going again! This will be a great introduction for your child for cause and effect! With the teether in the shape of a snail that can be removed along with the grass like feature at the bottom of the lantern your child will be exposed to several different tactile simulations! This will show that there are different colors and things feel differently and it all happens at a young age! Start new developments with your child immediately with this Flutter ‘N Glow Lantern

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