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Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

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Fisher-Price Medical Kit

"Good morning, doctor. You have a patient waiting to see you." That's what your child will hear when he or she sees the Fisher-Price Medical Kit. Watch her as she puts her stuffed kitty through all the steps her pediatrician goes through in her own physical exams. There's a stethoscope she can use to listen to the steady heartbeat. And although she may not know it's name she'll know what the otoscope is for and she'll remember how ticklish it felt when the doctor put into her ear so she'll be extra gentle as she inserts the otoscope into each of kitty's ears. This realistic doctor's kit also includes a

  • blood pressure cuff with a spinning gauge
  • thermometer that goes from "sick" to well with a push of the button
  • toy syringe
  • fabric doctor's bag
  • bandage

She may not know it but playing with the medical kit will also enrich her own developmental wellness.

By playing out and familiarizing herself with all the steps of a physical examination she'll become more at ease when the time rolls around for her next periodic checkup. In the process she'll learn that a visit to the doctor is not a scary experience, but on the contrary, a healthy habit that can keep all her parts working, so to speak.

Role playing is an important nutrient in developing the imagination. Playing doctor with all the right instruments will feed her imagination as she creates different characters and scenarios in which each examination takes place.

Whether she plays with you, her siblings, or friends, she will learn to share and cooperate as she takes her turn at being the patient. Learning to cooperate is an important part of the growing process, a lesson that will serve her everyday of her life now and for years to come.