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Fisher-Price Princess Potty

Fisher-Price Princess Potty

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Royal Potty Training Success with Fisher Price Princess Potty

Beautiful, pretty and pink… this potty training chair will not only help out in a major way, but it will bring brightness and fun into your child’s life while they’re getting potty trained. Your child will feel like the true princess she is when she uses her princess potty! Not only will they run to their throne every chance they get, but they will feel rewarded every time they use it, especially because of the royal princess theme! Your child will love having their success rewarded with 1 of 4 royal tunes that are in this potty! It’s so much more than what meets the eye here… not only is it a potty chair but this potty chair converts to allow your child to continue to use it once they are potty trained! You can take the ring off to help your child adjust to the actual toilet seat… it snaps into the toilet seat so it’s more comfortable for your child to sit on! You can also put the potty top down and use it as a stool. Let your child stand on it to help them get on the toilet and they can stand on the stool to wash their hands when they’re all finished too! Give your princess the potty that they will never forget! From the pretty pink color to the wonderful royal tunes that are played… your princess will not only get potty trained while having fun, but they will be able to use this potty to transition to the regular toilet and beyond!


  • Transitions as your child grows: From the potty, the potty ring and the step stools
    • 4 royal tunes to reward success
  • Bowl you can remove for easy cleaning
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