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Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

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Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

A longtime favorite, the classic Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack consists of five colored rings that babies can play with repeatedly. A sturdy rocking post holds the different sized rings in place. Babies can grab, hold, shake, and examine the stack which helps strengthen hand-eye coordination, makes it easier for them to recognize colors and sizes, and teaches them to organize objects from largest to smallest. The smallest ring is shiny and reflective with beads inside that swirl and rattle when shaken by the child.

Product Features Include:

    • Five stackable rings of varying sizes and colors to sort, grab, and stack.
    • Reflective top ring with beads that swirl and rattle when the baby shakes it.
    • Rocker base that allows infants to reach and grab for it while laying or sitting.