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Fisher-Price Smart Touch Play Space

Fisher-Price Smart Touch Play Space

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Fisher-Price Smart Touch Play Space

The Fisher Price Smart Touch Play Space is more than just a fun toy for your little one, ages 6 months on up. It's also a great learning tool that they're going to want to play with. The winner of the Most Wanted Holiday 2015 TTPM Award, the Touch Play Space provides a fun light bar that is great for teaching your child and getting them more interested and excited about the learning that they are doing. It's about having a whole lot of fun with everything from piano play to a dance party and even several learning games to go along with it.

This toy is designed to teach your child a whole lot about having fun and a whole lot of actual knowledge as well. They'll learn their colors, numbers, ABC's, cause and effect and a whole lot more, all at the same time as they're having fun and experimenting with lights and sounds

Development Qualities

  • Learn colors, numbers and ABC's
  • Teaches cause and effect
  • Improves fine and gross motor skills
  • Provides access to music and songs
  • Encourages music appreciation and play
  • Improves sight, hearing and touch
  • Encourages movement and interactive play
  • Grows with your child from sitting to cruising
  • Provides hands-on activities

With this light bar your little one will be able to explore several different toys all in one and they'll be able to do it in several different ways as they grow and develop better and stronger skills.

With the first mode your infant will be able to simply touch the bar to get a reaction in lights, sounds and full songs. With the second, your child will be able to listen to songs and get up and dance right along with them and as they get a little older they can start learning even more skills that will help them to develop.

Your little one is going to learn how to crawl and play, how to get up and move and more as they are fully immersed in just what this great little toy is going to teach them, and all right in your own home.