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Franklin Sports 6" Super Skin Foam Dodge Ball

Franklin Sports 6" Super Skin Foam Dodge Ball

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 Franklin Sports 6" Super Skin Foam Dodge Ball

Give your playtime a futuristic upgrade with Franklin Sports 6" Super Skin Foam Dodge Balls! This revolutionary ball set is perfect for backyard playing, gym class fun, after-school activities—you name it! Crafted with durable Superskin, these flexible yet sturdy foam balls are designed to last, even after some hard hits. With their soft outer material, they provide a comfortable grip that’s perfect for throwing and catching, meaning every game of dodgeball is a hit. And in a range of bright colors, this set is sure to be a hit with your kids and their friends! Because these balls don’t lose their shape after many uses, you can feel confident that you’re getting a reliable, consistent product that won’t deflate or break easily. So grab your Franklin Sports 6" Super Skin Foam Dodge Balls today for an unbeatable combination of performance and versatility! Colors are assorted and sold separately.

  • PERFECT PLAYGROUND BALL FOR GYMNASIUM GAMES - From dodgeball to catch and everything in between, these all-purpose playground balls are great for throwing and catching. Make up your own gymnasium games or playground games for instant fun!
  • STING-REDUCER - Say goodbye to the classic rubber ball and its memorable sting! These new playground balls are designed with a tough polyurethane shell known as Superskin for better durability and grip
  • EASY-GRIP - Even small hands can instantly grip these foam balls. Their small &" size makes them great for throwing, catching, squeezing. and more—and they always keep their shape!
  • DURABLE SHELL COATING - Tired of foam balls that rip and tear during gymnasium games and playground games? Franklin Superskin playground balls stay strong and durable, game after game.
  • BRIGHT COLORFULL DODGEBALLS - A rich, vivid variety of colors make these eye-catching balls easy to see. Plus, they're easy to clean and disinfect too, making them the perfect playground balls for ages 3+.