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Portia The Polite Penguin Natural Teething Toy

Portia The Polite Penguin Natural Teething Toy

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Natural Rubber Teething Toy

Since 100% all natural and safe toys are what is best for babies, Good Gear Portia the Penguin was created with that in mind. She will soothe your baby's gums during teething and make he or she giggle all at the same time. Portia makes the teething process quicker and less painful for your baby.

Through her feathers, feet and beak, she will bring happiness and contentment into your baby's life. Her squeaky quack is one that babies can't resist smiling and laughing about. Before you know it, he or she will associate the sound of her squeaks with relief from gum pain. Portia is soft for babies to touch, smells of vanilla and boasts colors that will draw a baby's eyes to her. As a lightweight, soft teething toy, Portia is easy for babies to hold onto. She can be easily manipulated by even the smallest hands. She must be carefully guarded though, as every baby that sees her wants to keep her for his or herself.

Your purchase of Portia the Penguin gives you a pure 100% natural rubber toy, free from harmful materials such as PVC, Phthalate and BPA to let your baby comfort themselves with anytime.

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