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Halo Bassinest Newborn Cuddle Insert

Halo Bassinest Newborn Cuddle Insert

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Halo Bassinest Newborn Insert

The HALO Bassinest Insert is the safest and most comfortable place you can lay your precious newborn down at bedtime. Its soft, cuddly feel facilitates a peaceful sleep, and its porous material ensures that your baby’s body will remain at a cool temperature. With a flat surface that fits perfectly on the Bassinest mattress and a secure design that cradles your newborn closely, you don’t have to worry about your baby moving into awkward or harmful positions. Robust hooks that can be attached to the Bassinest are also included, making it easier for you to lay your baby down when they're asleep or pick them up when they stir. Sleep deprivation is one of the toughest parts about being a new parent, but you can finally rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping in a secure place. For safety reasons, this insert is only meant to be used for babies who weigh up to 15 lbs and are unable to roll over. It should not be used as a hammock and was designed to be used only with the HALO Bassinest(sold separately). Use with other brands of bassinets or the HALO Bassinest twin sleeper is not recommended.