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Halo Bassinest Premier Swivel Sleeper River

Halo Bassinest Premier Swivel Sleeper River

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Bassinet Features

With the Premier Level Sleeper, parents will have a bassinet that turns 360-degrees. It has a side wall that retracts and clocks and the bassinet includes two large storage compartments. For soothing comfort, the bassinet plays three different lullaby sounds, three different soothing/soft sounds and there are two vibration settings.  A Halo bassinest nursing timer is included to help with nursing, as well as a convenient night light. With the storage compartments its easier than ever to save a few essential baby items like wipes and binkies.

The fabric is 100% cotton and comes in a fitted-sheet, a polyester fitted sheet, and a separate mattress pad. The bassinet will require three AA batteries that are not included.


This unit is ideal for babies that are newborns up to five-months of age, or up twenty pounds/9.1-kg. If baby is showing signs of trying to sit up, push up, or roll over, stop using the bassinet. 30 lbs is the Halo bassinest swivel sleeper weight limit.

Safety Tips for Managing Sleeping Babies

To help manage how your baby sleeps, please read the following safety tips, share them with your spouse and share them with your caregiver(s):

  • Your baby should always sleep on his or her back when its time for a nap or for night sleeping.
  • Cribs should meet safety standards and include a firm mattress that has a tight fitting crib sheet.
  • Take all toys and other items out of the baby's bed when they are sleeping.
  • Remove all pillows, blankets, baby-positioners, crib wall bumpers, etc. If you want to keep the baby warm with a blanket at night, buy the wearable type, not the loose blanket that can ball up in the corner of a crib. You never want the baby to roll over or turn their heads in a direction where an item can cause them to suffocate. Newborns and smaller babies aren't able to lift their heads and may not be able to turn their heads easily especially if they're sleeping.
  • With pacifiers, you can give these to your baby after they are one month old.
  • If you breastfeed before bedtime, after you finish, lay the baby back in their own separate sleeping area/crib, not your bed.
  • You can share the room with your baby, but never let the baby sleep in your bed as this can increase the risk of suffocation if you or your spouse turn over in the middle of the night and block the baby's airway. Lining pillows around the baby does not help as the baby can turn in the direction of the pillows and this can potentially block their airway.
  • Directions for Using the Halo Bassinest Premier Swivel Sleeper

    Your bassinet will turn a full 360-degrees so you can bring the baby's bed closer to your own. The side wall can lower to allow you to get closer to your baby and then you can lock the wall in place. This helps with nursing as you can turn the bassinet, lower the side wall and take baby out of the bassinet if you want to nurse. This helps with mothers who may have c-sections as you don't have to strain sore stomach muscles to get up out of bed in the middle of the night. The soothing sounds and lullabies can help put baby to sleep. There are vibration motions with two levels and the nursing timer that has a thirty-minute shutoff.

    Item Specifications

    The bassinet weighs 11.2 pounds, measures 18.3" x 11.8" x 34.5" and the fabric is BPA free.

    When ordering the Premier model of the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, also look for other versions in the product line and these include the Luxe Series, the Luxe Plus Series and the Essentia Series. Bassinet accessories include the mattress pads, hanging mobiles and convenient storage caddy.