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Nola Tawk Hip, Hip, Beign-Yay! Beignet Teether & Bath Toy

Nola Tawk Hip, Hip, Beign-Yay! Beignet Teether & Bath Toy

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Hip, Hip, Beign-Yay! Beignet Teether & Bath Toy

Introducing the "Hip, Hip, Beign-Yay! Beignet Teether & Bath Toy" – the ideal companion for your little one's teething and playtime adventures!


  • Material: Crafted from 100% natural rubber sourced from Hevea trees, providing a safe and soft texture for tender gums.
  • Safety: Painted by hand with non-toxic, natural pigments, our toy is completely free from harmful chemicals, ensuring it's safe for your baby to chew on - No PVC or BPA, just pure natural goodness!
  • Versatile Design: Not just a teething aid, it also doubles as a fun bath toy. Its charming shape and texture cater to both sensory development and play.
  • Mold-Free: Innovatively designed without a hole, water can't get inside, which means no mold or mildew, making it hygienic for all types of play.


  • Soothing Comfort: Ease your baby’s teething discomfort with our gentle, chewy beignet that massages sore gums effectively.
  • Stimulates Senses: Bright, contrasting colors and hand-painted details catch your baby's eye, while the natural rubber texture introduces them to a new sensation, aiding their sensory development.
  • Hygienic Play: Due to the no-hole design, you can rest assured that bath times and drooly chews won't become a breeding ground for mold, keeping your infant's play environment clean and safe.
  • Eco-Friendly: By choosing our eco-friendly product, you're making an investment in a sustainable future and demonstrating responsible consumerism to your family.

Make teething and bath time a delight with the "Hip, Hip, Beign-Yay! Beignet Teether & Bath Toy". With safety, hygiene, and fun wrapped into one, it's the perfect gift for your little one or a thoughtful baby shower present for expectant mothers. Add a touch of New Orleans charm to your baby’s toy collection and watch as they discover joy in every chew and splash!