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Kahootz Fashion Plates Large Kit

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Details: Fashion Plates

If you have always loved the classic Fashion Plates Deluxe and all of the fun and style that comes along with it, then you cannot do without the new Kahootz Fashion Plates Large Kit. You get all of the classic appeal of Fashion Plates Deluxe with a superstar edge that the original did not. This Kahootz Fashion Plates Large Kit features microphones, fashion for the rock stage, rockin' and wild guitars, and more. An aspiring rock n' roll designer is able to create pop star and rock star looks that feature mix and matched colors and styles so that they can rocket all the way to the top of the fashion design game, and the pop star they design for will get to the top of the charts. The Kahootz Fashion Plates Large Kit is also compatible with the other Fashion Plates sets so you can mix and match everything.




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