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Kahootz Spirograph Cyclex

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All About Kahootz Spirograph Cyclex

If you want to create amazing patterns and designs that will captivate you and leave you breathless, the Spirograph by Cyclex is the perfect choice. It has unique stencil wheels that rotate automatically as you advance around the paper making it simple and fun to create incredible designs. Since the design wheels are encased in the Cyclex, you don’t have to worry about the gears slipping. This makes it perfect for younger individuals. The included design markers make the kit complete. However, you can always use your own crayons, markers and pens as well.

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The product includes:

  • 6 art markers
  • 1 Spirograph Cyclex Drawing Tool complete with 80+ stencil options
  • Storage tray
  • Design guide
  • 20 sheets of paper

Children of all ages and adults alike will love playing with this beautiful design tool. There are countless possibilities in what you can uncover, so you never know what you are going to be able to create.

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