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Kel Gar Car Window Shade for Children

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12126 - 2 Sided Automobile Window Shade

The Kel-Gar Side window shades are a must-have for everyday travel with your baby. This set of two shades is versatile and easy to use, and fits all vehicle models. Protect your children from the harsh direct sunlight by fastening these two sun shades to your interior car windows using the hassle-free suction cups. Window shades are the perfect solution for sun, heat and glare that make travel uncomfortable for children. Removal and storage are a breeze, with easily-removable suction cups and pop-up design. Wrinkle-free design leaves visibility crystal clear, with see-through material that will help your child stay entertained during car travel of any length.
- Great value - includes 2 shades
- Protects from sun, heat and glare
- Fits most vehicle models
- Suction cups for easy fastening
- Wrinkle-free see-through material


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