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Kel Gar Inflatable Child Bath Snug Tub

Kel Gar Inflatable Child Bath Snug Tub

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52840 - Original Snug Tub® 

The Snug Tub® is the best way to keep your toddler safe and having fun in the bath. Perfect for the stage in between a baby tub and a full-size adult bathtub, this colorful padded tub provides protection for your baby from the hard edges of your household bathtub. As an alternative to hard plastic infant bathtubs, this soft inflatable tub will fit inside most household bathtubs at 32in x 21in outside, and 22in x 14in inside. This tub is ideal for children who can sit unassisted, and would like a little more room to have fun in the bath. This large inflatable tub comes in a colorful, eye-catching playful and fun pattern, which will hold your child's attention while they bath. Non-skid vinyl exterior is a safety feature that will keep the tub from slipping in the larger porcelain tub. It also features a contoured headrest, which is perfect for fuss-free hair washing, as it allows your baby to lie back on the comfortable, padded tub, while you lather their hair, and rinse suds away from the face. No more hair-washing tears!

Convenient for both at home and while traveling, the Snug Tub® is easy to use when you're on-the-go and away from your home tub. This tub drains quickly and easily with a simple drainage valve, and includes a suction cup that keeps the tub out of the way and allows it to drip dry. After it's dry, the Snug Tub® deflates in minutes and packs away into a compact size for effortless storage and travel convenience.

- Soft inflatable tub

- 32 x 21 inch exterior

- 22 x 14 inch interior

- For children who can sit unassisted

- Colourful elephant pattern

- Non-skid vinyl exterior

- Contoured headrest for fuss-free hair washing

- Easy drainage with valve

- Suction cup for out-of-the-way drying