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Kel Gar Platinum Rear Window Shade

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12828 - Platinum Rear Window Shade

Protect your child from the sun while traveling with the Kel-Gar Safari Platinum Rear Window Shade. Perfect for rear-facing baby seats, where the child is facing the back window, this protective shade will keep their sensitive eyes from the bright sun. This is also ideal for forward-facing car seats, keeping the hot sun from making car travel uncomfortable for babies, toddlers and infants. This protective shade features suction cups for easy positioning and removal, allowing it to be securely in place to safeguard children from glare, sun and heat. Shade is made from see-through, wrinkle-free material, fits all vehicles and is the largest size available at 40 x 19 inches. 
- Protects from sun, heat and glare
- Fits all vehicle models
- Extra-large cover for the whole back window
- Suction cups for easy fastening
- Wrinkle-free see-through material


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