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Kidco Anti Tip Furniture Strap

Kidco Anti Tip Furniture Strap

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As a parent, your priority is to keep your child safe at all times. The Kidco Anti Tip Furniture Strap is a simple yet effective solution that provides you with peace of mind from those household accidents that are quite common amongst young children. It is specially designed to secure heavy furniture and prevent tipping, thus resulting in a much safer environment for your young children!

The US alone reports that someone is injured every 15 minutes from a tipping piece of furniture, so it's important now more than ever to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. Every mom knows how quickly their toddler moves around the house; preventing accidents like this becomes an even bigger priority. That's why the Kidco Anti Tip Furniture Strap comes in handy - it easily installs and includes installation hardware, making sure that there are no challenges when it comes to securing heavier pieces of furniture around your home.

And because each package contains two straps, you know you're able to make sure all of the rooms in your home are fully protected. Dressers and larger pieces with drawers become especially dangerous when toddlers try and use them as steps; but with the Anti Tip Furniture Strap, even those seemingly hazardous pieces can be secured without too much fuss! So don't wait any longer - purchase yourself the Kidco Anti Tip Furniture Strap today and experience true peace of mind!