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Kidco DiaperPod Travel Bag With Resting Station for Baby

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Kidco DiaperPod Travel Bag

The Kidco DiaperPod travel bag is one of the most helpful and essential tools a parent could possibly acquire. Convenient and lightweight, this diaper bag proves simple, yet versatile - it contains five large storage compartments for holding all of your baby's necessities: pacifiers, bottles, diapers, sanitizers, wipes or any other essentials your child may need. These storage compartments allow for better organization.

Additionally, this travel bag can easily convert into a resting station for your baby. With raised edges to keep your little one safe and in place, this item also works wonderfully as an on-the-go changing station, complete with a changing pad.

The comfortably cushioned mat is lined with non-toxic, water repellent fabric, ideal for a quick and efficient cleanup should there be any accidents on the road. The padded shoulder strap, removable if desired, makes for a comfortable experience while carrying the DiaperPod.

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The DiaperPod comes in a lovely blue midnight color. When unfolded, the dimensions are 18''L x 29.5''W x 8.5''H and when folded up, they are 17.25''L x 15.5''W x 6.25''H. It weighs 4.5 pounds.

The Kidco DiaperPod travel bag, which doubles as a resting station, can make for the perfect gift for any expecting parents. All of your child's needs can be carried in this singular bag for one organized and convenient outing. Its many compartments make every trip a more pleasant experience. It makes for a comfortable fit and easy cleanup as well. When transformed as a resting station, the DiaperPod makes for a helpful changing station. So whether you're journeying across the country on your baby's first vacation, or simply traveling down the street, this is a must-have for Mom and Dad and baby too.

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