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Madame Alexander Doll Newborn Nursery Baby Doll Angel Love Dark Skin

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Newborn Nursery  Angel Love Baby Doll

When Lee Middleton set out to capture the innocence and beauty of childhood, she got the best talents to help her create her dolls. This beautiful dark-skin tone Angel Love baby doll, with deep brown eyes and pretty black hair is a perfect example of creating a doll that looks just like a real-live baby! At 19 inches long and 3.5 pounds, with a soft pellet-filled body and incredibly detailed hands and feet that portray those precious creases and wrinkles that mommies love to kiss, you could only get more realistic with a live baby! The Lee Middleton Angel Love baby will capture the heart of any little girl, and their momma, too! Dress this little beauty up and take it for walk and see how this realistic doll might even fool some people at first! Your child will love this baby as if it were their very own baby, so give it as a holiday gift or an anytime gift, just to get that smile from your own Angel love. 

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