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Mattel Hot Wheels Splash Track

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Hot Wheels Splash Track Details

When you are looking for just the right gift for the wild adventure-loving, car enthusiast in your life, look no further than the Mattel Hot Wheels Splash Track. This fantastically fun Hot Wheels set is a splash hit with kids and adults alike. With this Splash Track, kids can attach the steeply sloped track onto the bathtub with suction cups that come included in the package. The vehicle then gets loaded onto the track and the water cup needs to be filled with water.

The water cup gets tipped and that flowing water sends the Hot Wheels car shooting down the Splash Track ramp, through the ring of fire and into the awaiting bathtub water. The Mattel Hot Wheels Splash Track comes with one car already included and is designed for use with specific Hot Wheels vehicles only.

Perfect for bath time fun, the Mattel Hot Wheels Splash Track is easy-to-use and assemble with reliable suction cup mounting and fun design.

Collections: Santa's Workshop

Easy to Follow Steps:

  • Attach Hot Wheel Splash Track suction cup to side of bathtub
  • Load the included vehicle onto the track
  • Fill the included water cup with water
  • Tip the cup to get the water flowing down the Mattel Hot Wheels Splash Track
  • Watch as the car shoots quickly down the ramp, launches through the daunting ring of fire and land safely in the tub

Make sure your kids enjoy bath time, every time with this Mattel Hot Wheels Splash Track and make sure you also buy extra Hot Wheels vehicles for extra fun.




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