Melissa & Doug First Play Roll & Ring Ramp Tower

Melissa & Doug First Play Roll & Ring Ramp Tower

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Melissa & Doug First Play Roll & Ring Ramp Tower

Allow the playtime to roll using two wooden cars that can ring, zoom, and equally down flip the zigzag and wooden trajectory. Children above twelve months old will derive pleasure in standing and watching from the top of the tower, a dropping van that creates a chime ring in every turn while zooming down by flipping over the next incline. The Ramp Tower enables kids to put their hands-on activities to enhance their gross motor skills and sensory development. The First Play toys comprise of bold patterns, bright colors, and fanciful designs that are crucial in advancing skills and subsequently sparking wonder and imagination from the beginning.


  • Flipping over of cars at every bend.
  • The tower has two wooden cars in the wooden ramp section.
  • Allows kids to discover configurations, bright colors, and harmonious sounds.
  • Chime ring aspects of vehicles rolling down the ramp.