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Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Contour Changing Pad

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Contour Changing Pad

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Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Contour Changing Pad

The Little Dreamer Contour Changing Pad is 17 X 32 X 1.5 in size. It has two sides and it provides top-of-the-line performance by giving the babies whose diapers are changed on it because it is water, stain, and odor resistant. The Little Dreamer products as a whole have a lot to offer babies and their families.

Little Dreamer products made by the company Moonlight Slumber are a cost-effective line of mattress and table and cradle pads. Even though they are economical in price, they are still the safest in their line of products. They are made with the same health, safety, and comfort features as the Moonlight Slumber Starlight line of premium products. These features include square and cornered edges, dropped edge seams, high-quality medical grade foam, and they are free of PVC and vinyl. The only difference is that the Little Dreamer products have undergone some changes to make them more cost-effective. There are some other great features about the Little Dreamer changing pads and mattresses.

The Little Dreamer pads and mattresses are made of a waterproof and durable stretch knit fabric with extra tightly sewn seams. The changing pads also come in a flat or a two-edge raised design. These products also have custom designs available and are made in America. Both of the product lines mentioned have a lifetime warranty. When you buy one of these changing pads, you are buying a cost-effective item that will protect your baby every time they are changed. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that every pad is made in America by some of our fellow Americans and they have a job and a paycheck that is provided by people that purchase these great changing pads.

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