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Pleat Sayer Top White

Pleat Sayer Top White

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Pleat Sayer Top White

Introducing the Pleat Sayer Top White – where classic elegance meets everyday practicality. Named after the unapologetically amazing enneagram 6 – the loyalist, this top is engineered to be your most trustworthy companion. Crafted for day-long comfort, whether you're navigating the boardroom or enjoying a weekend brunch, the Pleat Sayer top is the epitome of versatility, taking you from sleek professionalism to relaxed chic with just a tweak of styling.

Each Pleat Sayer Top is designed with an elastic back hem for a custom fit that feels anything but ordinary - it’s the small detail that spells the difference. The front pleat detail flows from the neckline, adding just the right amount of texture to elevate your look. Made from the finest woven materials that drape like a dream, promising both style and functionality. Start your collection with "White" - the perfect, crisp blank canvas. It serves as a foundation for endless possibilities, be it pairing it up with our iconic high-waisted jeans or throwing it over a bikini for a day at the beach.

Invest in the Pleat Sayer Top White, and we promise, you'll be reaching for her again and again, grateful for its timeless appeal and never-ending versatility. She's designed to be kept close, in every pattern and color, because you may have others, but you'll come back to her.