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Prince Lionheart My Twist'r Diaper System

Prince Lionheart My Twist'r Diaper System

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Smart - Outsmarts Odors™ with the Diaper Twist'R® and breathe easy knowing you won't have to suffer through little (or big!) 'accidents'. Keep those pesky stinkers out of sight with a simple twist. No cutting, tying or kneeling required, so diaper duty is hassle-free!

Quick - Instantly lock away stinky diapers in no time at all. Simply twist the lid and wave your magic wand to bid farewell to that nasty mess in one spin. Remove bags quickly – forget about cutting, tying or kneeling.

Easy - No need to break the bank for fresh diapers; just about 25 cents per day or $7.58 each month is enough! Save yourself from unpleasant smells and keep those adorable bums clean and comfy.

Value - Get 6 thousand diapers during your little one's first two-and-a half years for an incredibly low cost. Spend less money on diapering while enjoying life's precious moments without worrying about the mess and stink!

PATENTED TWIST TECHNOLOGY - Keep your nursery neat and organized with this revolutionary twist system! Securely store diapers in bags using our patented twist-seal technology that keeps odors tightly locked away.

HIGH CAPACITY BAGS - Big on convenience, you can store up to 35 newborn-sized soiled nappies in a single bag. Whether Pampers, Huggies or Kirkland brand - our bags have got you covered!

7-LAYER BAGS - Enjoy smelling the air around your home instead of those dreaded whiffs from dirty diapers! Our 7-Layer bags work hard to ensure no smelly molecules escape, creating a cleaner house.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - Tired of strong diaper pail odor? Our charcoal sachets and 7-Layer bags team up to neutralize even the strongest smells. With Prince Lionheart's My Twist'r Diaper System, you'll thank yourself for taking that extra step towards a fresh smelling home!