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Project Nursery Sound Projector

Project Nursery Sound Projector

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Create a soothing bedtime environment for baby with the innovative Project Nursery Sight and Sound Projector. At its most basic, this Bluetooth-enabled nursery projector serves as a nightlight, emitting a gentle glow all night long. You can also program this nursery projector light to project simple images on the walls of the nursery. And,the projector can play pre-loaded lullabies or a range of sounds (including white noise and sounds from nature such as rain falling, ocean waves or heartbeats) designed to calm and lull your baby to sleep. Best of all, you can control this baby projector from your smart phone and avoid disrupting the bedtime process.

Project Nursery Baby Sound Projector

  • Image Projector stimulates baby's learning with engaging images
  • Preloaded lullabies (Brahms Lullaby/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) lull your little one to sleep
  • Stream music or audio bedtime stories from any Bluetooth® compatible smartphone or tabl
  • Help baby sleep with relaxing white noise
  • Nature Sounds (Ocean Waves/Rain/Forest/Heartbeat) create a calming environment
  • Nightlight with multiple brightness settings