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Sassy Baby Hello Baby! Phone

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Hello Baby! Phone Description

This lightweight phone is ideal for small children from 0 months on up because it’s large enough that they can easily chew on it, throw it around or do whatever they want. Because it’s lightweight it’s easy for them to hold and there are plenty of features that are going to teach them as they go, whether it’s teaching sight, sound, colors or a host of other fun things. Because this little toy is a whole lot rolled into just one little thing. Overall, this toy is going to be one that your child loves when it’s just a rattle and even more when they understand how to really play with the phone.

    • Lightweight for easy movement
    • Bright colors and patterns to attract interest
    • Creates a rattle sound when moved
    • Mirror inside to encourage eye development
    • Improves overall development
    • Encourages movement
    • Encourages relationship between sound and actions
    • Teaches cause and effect
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