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Sassy Baby Ladybug Teethers 2 Pack

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Description: Ladybug Teethers 2 Pack

Ideal for infants ages three months and up, these ladybug teethers are brightly colored to attract your little one’s attention while also helping them learn more through sensory development. These large middle sections are filled with water to provide a perfect surface for them to chew on. What’s even more is these teethers are going to look cute too and teach your little one about some of the creatures out in the world, especially when they get to learn more about just what those two little ladybugs really are and what they look like in the rest of the world.

    • Made for 3+ months
    • Rigid plastic head
    • Can be chilled for added resistance
    • Variety of texture sections
    • Uses sterilized water in case of leaks
    • Arrives in variety of colors
    • Flexible antennae for exploration
    • Water provides a cooling sensation
    • Entire piece is safe for exploration with the teeth
    • Baby will be able to chew on all pieces
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