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Simply Bright Starts Soothimals Natural Rubber Teether

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Soothimals Natural Rubber Teether

This Simply Bright Starts Smoothimals Natural Rubber Teether is a great one that you want to have on hand when your baby starts teething. It is in the shape of an adorable fox or owl and it will give your baby good relief when they are going through the teething process. It is made from materials that are not only natural but they are soft as well; they are made from plant-based paint that should be a comfort for you to know. The body is extremely flexible so that it will be able to bend and reach all the areas of your baby’s gums so there can be a soothing relief. The shape of this teether makes it easy for your baby to hold on to and it also makes a “squeaking” sound that will bring extra joy to your baby. It is easy to clean and BPA free!

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