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CloudB Sleep Sheep On The Go

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CloudB Sleep Sheep On The Go

While you're pacing the floor with the crying baby for yet another night, it may be helpful to understand why he's distressed. For nine months he's been lulled to sleep in the womb by the white noise of his mother's heartbeat, and now it's been replaced by the stimulating sounds of his new world, making it hard to settle down and fall asleep.

That's where CloudB Sleep Sheep®can come to the rescue - both yours and his. This cuddly stuffed animal is a sleep-aid in disguise. It attaches to his crib with the included velcro strap and supplies a choice of eight soothing sounds including a familiar simulation of a mother's heartbeat and other comforting sounds he heard while in the womb. Once he's asleep just set the timer for 23 or 45 minutes and it will switch off when he's deep into slumber land. As for you, you can sleep soundly too, knowing that once you enlist the help of this cuddly little lamb, you can kiss sleep deprivation good-bye. Scientific studies have found that in a sampling of twenty newborns, those who were put to bed in the presence of white noise, were more likely to fall asleep within the first five minutes

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The CloudB Sleep Sheep®includes a sampling of eight sounds known to induce sleep. In addition to the mother's heart beat, your child can fall asleep to the soothing sound of whale songs. spring showers, the ocean surf, or familiar melodies like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star , Rockabye Baby, Classical Lullaby, or a melodic medley.

Other features include

    • adjustable volume control
      • removable sound box
          • made of washable materials
            • velcro strap for easy crib attachment and removable

            The Sleep Sheep®will soon become your little one's beloved daytime as well as nightime companion and you can rest assured that its premium quality lead-free, PBA-free, latex-free, phthalate-free construction exceeds industry safety standards. Winner of the iParenting Media Award as well as the National Parenting Council's Seal of Approval, the CloudB Sleep Sheep®is appropriate for ages newborn and up. Requires two AA batteries - included

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