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SoapSox Ava the Dolphin Wash Cloth

SoapSox Ava the Dolphin Wash Cloth

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 Soap Sox Ava the Dolphin

Does your child moan at the words “bath time”? Like many kids, taking a bath is a chore and something they want to avoid. However, bath time can now be fun and something kids look forward to. Adding some character animals or even the classic yellow duck as a part of the bath time collection is a great way to get kids amped up and look forward to taking a bath. However, with the Ava the Dolphin Soap Sox, you get a toy and washcloth all in one product! 

The interior is an all antimicrobial sponge that is shaped like a hippo and surrounded by a beautiful purple and pink terry cloth exterior. It is designed with a mesh soap pocket or box where you can put your child’s favorite liquid or bar soap into. The product also consists of finger pockets for your child to better handle and to use for scrubbing when your child begins to scrub. The soap suds are released from the soap pocket making it easy and practical for both parents and kids!

The Ava the Dolphin Soap Sox can be easily washed on a gentle washing cycle and set out to dry naturally or tumble dry in a dryer on low heat. Kids love Ava the Dolphin, that they even beg to take it with them on trips and even to the beach! It floats in water so you don’t need to worry about losing their beloved toy. As for bath time, it’s so easy to use that parents and kids understand the concept right away! Simply add soap, dip it in water, and scrub away! Not only is this toy a favorite among your everyday average parents, but also among famous celebrity parents!